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Announcement 1:

CCI Annual Triple E Movement In Motion, Support Media Diversity Today!

Washington, DC— Caribbeana Communications Inc. has worked diligently over the past two and half years to build on its mission statement. We continue accomplishing our mission through our weekly radio program, eNewsletter, and Speakers Bureau.

In order to grow and maintain our programs and services we conduct quarterly pledge drives and annual fundraisers supporting the Triple E Movement: To Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten All that Reflects the Caribbean through Radio. Pledge forms are available by email request or calling the main office at (301) 741-8523

Support our campaign to increase media diversity in the United States and globally as it pertains to the ever-growing Caribbean, Caribbean-American and Diaspora populations that impact their respective societies.

Donate as little as $25 through or sending a check to Caribbeana Communications Incorporated (CCI), Department of Resource Development, 9614 Tuckerman Street, Lanham, MD 20706. Donations are tax deductible.
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Announcement 2—

Caribbeana Communications Accepts, On a Rolling Basis, Applications from Individuals Interested in Participating on Its Board of Directors

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Announcement 3—

Caribbeana Communications Builds its Foundation through CR Studio 77

Washington, DC— Businesses in this down economy, if not properly backed by planning and funding can be here today and gone tomorrow. For the past year and half, CCI has focused on developing its temporary space for organizational operations and broadcasting center.
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