Speaker & Panel Discussion Series (SS or PDS)

CCI Speakers Bureau

Initiated in 2009, this series of lectures presented by high profile Caribbean nationals and those of the Diaspora engages audiences be educated. .. The lectures include intellectual, entertaining, and stimulation provided by some of the greatest communicators of our time. This cluster of individuals includes world leaders, statesmen, journalists, authors and other celebrated individuals. The Speakers Bureau is also a means for demonstrating the viability of Caribbean populations globally. SB provides information and insight with regards to the true value of Caribbean communities, especially in America. The Speakers Bureau also serves as a platform for building opportunities for doing business or trade with the Caribbean.

Panel Discussions

Through media CCI offers panel discussions full of diverse opinions, profound insights and fascinating discussions on a broad range of Caribbean issues. Held throughout our service year, PD consists of interactive discussions between audience and panel members.