Caribbeana Communications Inc.

A future conglomerate of educational, entertaining, and enlightening services including radio, television, print media, journalism, the arts, new age technology and more.

Submit On Air Announcements

On air announcements during Caribbeana Radio’s live broadcasts on Saturdays, submissions must be received at CCI office at least five days prior to the show in which you would like it aired.

Advertise With Us

CCI constituents comprise a valuable market for advertisers. We provide advertisers with a targeted audience of multifaceted consumers as well as overseas nationals interested in Caribbean happenings.

Caribbeana Community

Caribbeana’s community is culturally diverse and has vibrant offerings. Over the years Caribbeana prides itself on connecting with its community in large and small settings.

Entertainment & Media

Caribbeana Communications Incorporated (CCI), pronounced as (KAH-RIB-E-ANA) is a 501(C)(3) public charity nonprofit. CCI serves as a multifaceted media broadcasting company that is headquartered in Prince Georges County, Maryland, but operates its radio programming out of Washington, DC. Our mission is to Educate, Entertain, and Enlighten All That Reflects the Caribbean through Radio and Technology. We support the Caribbean culture, the people, and its Diaspora, while exposing other ethnicities to their issues, concerns, and work within the global community.


CCI Supports VICE Carnival Band 2019 Presentation