Caribbeana Communications Incorporated (CCI) is a nonprofit media and membership organization headquartered in Lanham, Maryland of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. It is one of the few Caribbean organizations based in the United States that services all individuals interested in Caribbean culture and its Diaspora through media, technology and journalism.

Our organization represents a future conglomerate of educational, entertaining, and enlightening services that will be offered through radio, television, print media, journalism, the arts, new age technology and more.

Currently, CCI manages and produces a three hour weekly radio program called Caribbeana. This program provides pertinent news from and about the Caribbean as well as about the Caribbean Diaspora throughout the world. Caribbeana presently airs on WPFW 89.3 FM and is a central authority on Caribbean culture of past to present exposing anyone to Caribbean music, news, and culture. To listen to program podcasts, click here. Link here We also produce Caribbeana’s Comedy Festival, an annual event that provides entertainment through laughter and Extempo, an musically entailed art form of the Caribbean.

Our future organizational goals include improving and establishing five premiere programming and service divisions focused on:

  • Media Broadcasting
  • Entertainment Production
  • Media and Cultural Institute (CMCI)
  • Media Convention (CMC)
  • Electronic Publications