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Media and Cultural Institute (CMCI)

Our Media and Cultural Institute (CMCI) aims to bring together various individuals from many cultural backgrounds to provide an array of opportunities to cultivate relationships and awareness on the Caribbean and its Diaspora. Through our Speakers Bureau and Panel Discussion Series, Journalism Fellowship and Internship Programs, the Triple E Movement continues.

CCI Speakers Bureau

Initiated in 2009, this series of lectures presented by high profile Caribbean nationals and those of the Diaspora engages audiences be educated. .. The lectures include intellectual, entertaining, and stimulation provided by some of the greatest communicators of our time. This cluster of individuals includes world leaders, statesmen, journalists, authors and other celebrated individuals. The Speakers Bureau is also a means for demonstrating the viability of Caribbean populations globally. SB provides information and insight with regards to the true value of Caribbean communities, especially in America. The Speakers Bureau also serves as a platform for building opportunities for doing business or trade with the Caribbean.

Panel Discussions

Through media CCI offers panel discussions full of diverse opinions, profound insights and fascinating discussions on a broad range of Caribbean issues. Held throughout our service year, PD consists of interactive discussions between audience and panel members.

Journalism Fellowship Program

Caribbeana’s International Journalism Fellowship (CIJF) seeks to become a global leader in journalism training for journalist of Caribbean descent and heritage as well as journalist covering Caribbean stories internationally. Our goal is to bring 10 Caribbean journalists to Washington for a two-week seminar on media ethics.

Fellows will be encouraged to evaluate professional practices, discuss journalism independence and country-specific principles of conduct, discover stories of their respective country’s people that are residing outside of the Caribbean basin and contemplate personal codes of ethics.

Another primary goal for participants is for each fellow to return home to the Caribbean, continue being proactive with the information and training received through the fellowship program.

Internship Program

Caribbeana Communications Inc.’s internships are open to senior high school and college students that are of Caribbean descent or of the Diaspora and/or individuals that are interested in business development, journalism, or nonprofit development. Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis and internships will be available year round. Click her to apply.

Caribbean Cultural Library (CCL)

The Caribbeana Cultural Library is Caribbeana’s first cultural institution of written publications, documents, and resources that are used as the research arm for CCI. It will be the largest library in the world dedicated to the Caribbean and its Diaspora, with a collection of millions of books, recordings, photographs, maps and manuscripts in its collections.

CCL’s mission is to make its resources available and useful to all people interested and vested in the Caribbean culture and to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge and creativity for future generations. CCL’s Office of the Librarian will be tasked to set policy and to direct and support programs and activities to accomplish theLibrary’s mission.

Caribbeana Cultural Museum (2030)

Caribbeana Cultural Museum (CCM) will be among the U.S.’s most dynamic cultural and educational institutions. It will be a museum committed solely to the study and preservation of Caribbean history outside of the basin. It will be unique from other museums based on its historical and contemporary personalities of Caribbean ancestry.

Our goals are to:

  • Stimulate an interest in Caribbean history by revealing the little-known, often-neglected facts of history
  • Use great leaders as role models to motivate youth to achieve
  • Improve race relations by dispelling myths of racial inferiority and superiority
  • Support and work in conjunction with other nonprofit, charitable organizations seeking to improve the social and economic status of Caribbean people in and outside of the Caribbean basin.